Center for Urban & Environmental Research (CUER)

The Center for Urban and Environmental Research (CUER) was instituted to harness the geospatial, technology-driven dimension of urban and environmental research.  Housed within the Department of Geography, CUER is uniquely positioned to expand and enhance the application of geospatial technologies for research and academic programs within The George Washington University.

Researchers within the Center have expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing, tools that are transforming the field of Geography into an interdisciplinary science that integrates a wide range of specialty areas. Although the geographic technology is one of the major focuses of CUER, the center also incorporates a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied studies across geographical scales and regions.

Through the Center, Geography faculty and students are able to engage in innovative research activities that expand the normal boundaries of academic courses while fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration. CUER researchers are funded through and collaborate with a wide range of institutions including, National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, National Institute of Health (NIH), World Bank, Children’s National Medical Center, and Ford Foundation.  Currently CUER has research expenditures in excess of half a million dollars per year.